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Benefits of Rosen Method Bodywork




Rosen Method Bodywork is an integrative, holistic approach to well being.  It provides, an organic, personally-paced experience of exploring your essential, authentic being.  

When we become aware that we are not functioning the way we want to, or our bodies continue to present soreness, pain and dysfunction that remain unresolved, healing has begun.

Rosen's supportive contact allows access to recognizing and transforming habitual patterns.                                                                                                                                        

Rosen sessions offer awareness of our essential Self in present time.  Over time, access to this experience can deepen our Body Sense, transforming how we show up in the world.  Authentic expression becomes available.

Rosen allows us to become aware and conscious of our approach to daily life with more ease and self expression.

Rosen works very well with other therapies addressing mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

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