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Perhaps by visiting this page, you have followed your curiosity or have chosen to explore an alternative approach to Being.   Living in a world of busi-ness, accelerated pacing, and multi-sensory stimulus may have prompted you to realize the imbalance that stressed, overactive output can create in life.  You may feel drawn to deeper, more meaningful connections with yourself, nature and others.                                           

Our bodies are actually the first messenger of our state of Being, yet too often we 'push through' with effort, ignoring or overriding our body's messages.  When distracting, unconscious behaviors go unchecked, life may no longer bring fullness, health, and possibilities for realizing our heart's desires.

As a nationally certified therapeutic body worker for three decades, I have witnessed many people respond to the non-invasive, gentle, respectful touch that Rosen Method Bodywork offers. The supportive contact of each session allows access to creating and empowering possibilities for a healthier, more conscious approach to life. 

Rosen Method Bodywork offers  support as a powerful holistic, integrative approach to creating peace, fulfillment and Health - at your own pace.

Rosen works very well with other modalities that support physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health . 

JanMarie                                                                                                         NCTMB certified, member RMPA, ABMP, SETI





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